Baptism is an incredible symbolic picture of what happens spiritually when, by faith, we trust in Christ’s death and resurrection.  Paul tell us in Romans 6 that when we go down into the water, our old self, the old person, dies just like Christ died.  He continues by telling us that just like Christ raised from the dead, we too are resurrected to a new life when we come up out of the water.  And while this is a picture of what is happening on the inside of the believer through baptism, we also recognize that baptism is the immersion of a believer in water where they are publicly identifying themselves as a Jesus follower and acknowledging that they belong to God’s family- the Church.

How to Be baptized at Community Fellowship

Baptisms happen roughly once a quarter at CFEB and we love to help you take this step of obedience to Christ.  Below are the steps to being baptized at CFEB.

1. Meet with a Pastor.

Whether you or your children have questions about what baptism is or you are ready to be baptized, we want to come alongside you in your desire to be faithful. To express interest in meeting with someone about being baptized, fill out the form below.

2. Be baptized and share your story.

Let your new CFEB family celebrate with you! Tell us how Jesus changed your life.