What is Prayer?

Prayer isn’t a magic formula or reciting the precise words that activate God’s blessings on us.  Prayer is a relationship with the Creator of the Universe. Prayer is the essential way we experience both the presence of God in our lives daily and His power demonstrating itself through us by way of the Holy Spirit.  

Jesus way of teaching the disciples to pray is probably familiar to most of us.  It is often referred to as the Lord’s Prayer.  And while it is said weekly by millions across the world, seeing what Jesus is communicating through each line of the prayer is the most important thing for His followers to understand.

The following Prayer Guide walks through the Lord’s Prayer line by line allowing you an opportunity to meditate on what Jesus is saying.  While it is only 7 days long, we highly recommend you repeat the process multiple times to help create a prayer rhythm.  After all, this was Jesus intent in giving it in the first place.